Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are the future of energy supply for buildings.

Especially where the subject of heating is concerned, fuel cell technology is in the process of becoming established on the market. It is the most efficient form of power-heat cogeneration, i.e. the concurrent generation of mechanical energy (for generation of electricity) and useful heat.

Your household can be supplied with power and heat future-proof reliably and highly efficiently this way. The fuel cell technology also convinces with extremely low energy consumption and is very environmentally compatible, since the emission of greenhouse gases is very low. There have already been detailed practical tests that permit the conclusion that fuel cell heatings will be used in new as well as existing buildings in future.

The fuel cell is also able to directly convert chemical energy into electrical current. Because of this, it is very interesting for other areas, such as shipping, aviation and aerospace, rail bound traffic or the automotive sector.
Just contact us if you and your industry also consider fuel cell technology a future-oriented option for energy generation.