Welcome to Hanse Overseas Trading & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

Our excellent network includes close relationships with well-known German and European companies from the real estate sector with the ability to be able to implement infrastructures as well as partners in the field of renewable energy. These include both companies with a focus on the construction of
photovoltaic – power plants and wind farms, as well as companies that are active in the highly innovative field of fuel cell technology. Also producer and supplier of high-energy biomass are in our portfolio. Another focus is the delivery of efficient pump technologies for commercial and industrial customers. We are also a partner in several West African countries for export of trucks, construction and production techniques of European manufacturers.

Renewable Energy

Why the subject of renewable energies is so important to us. Regenerative energy or renewable energy is available virtually without limitation according to our human standards, or renews comparatively quickly. Therefore, these sources will Read more

Solar Parks

Solar parks – we offer turn-key solutions. It takes precise planning and very careful implementation to transform a multiple-hectare area into an efficient and smoothly working solar park. Not only the operator and the area owner will profit from the local Read more

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are the future of energy supply for buildings. Especially where the subject of heating is concerned, fuel cell technology is in the process of becoming established on the market. It is the most efficient form of power-heat cogeneration, i.e. the concurrent Read more

Wind Farms

Wind farms – another important component of renewable energies. Wind farms already cover a great part of our energy demand. The increasing competitiveness of wind power is making investments a lot more attractive. The construction of wind farms is Read more

Power Plants

We build power plants that are precisely adjusted to your needs. A continually growing demand in energy has been evident for many years. This demand will continue to grow in future. Quenching the “thirst for energy” is a huge challenge. It is not possible Read more

Building Construction

Are you looking for someone who will put your building project into practice? Are you looking for someone who will put your building project into practice? We will gladly offer our services to you. We are familiar with all construction types from building Read more

Road Construction

We are your competent partner for path and road construction. The road is still the number-one traffic carrier and must hold up under different kinds of stress. Good analysis and project planning are fundamental for road construction. Read more

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering? – We are your solution! We perform any work from the specialisations of civil engineering professionally and in good quality. Trusting cooperation results from living up to our responsibility as a service provider, with comprehensive Read more


The right pumps for any area of use. We supply pumps from all renowned manufacturers. We supply systems of all kinds, including circulation pumps, lifting units, submersion pumps, garden pumps, Domestic waterworks and well pumps, always Read more


Biomass is another regenerative energy sources. Heating facilities and power plants that produce heat and electricity from biomass are already an important part of our energy supply. To be precise, this is about the term of energy-technical biomass Read more

Trucks, Construction and materials handling equipment

Are you looking for a new Lorry, Truck, Construction and materials handling equipment?
We have one for you! We supply new and used industrial vehicles from different manufacturers. The used trucks or Lorries are in prime condition. Our wide-spread network enables us to offer you just the right vehicle for your specific needs.
Are you still undecided and do you need detailed consulting in advance? We will gladly be there for you. The investment in a truck needs to be well considered and the vehicle should meet all requirements.