Biomass is another regenerative energy sources.

Heating facilities and power plants that produce heat and electricity from biomass are already an important part of our energy supply. To be precise, this is about the term of energy-technical biomass, which includes only animal and plant products that can be used for generating heating energy, electrical energy and as fuels.

In this area, we mostly focus on biomass in the form of palm kernel shells (PKS). Like in any other plant-based form of biomass, solar energy bound by photosynthesis during growth before is released when the shells are burnt. As a consequence, the also-bound carbon dioxide (CO2) is released again as well. However, this is only the same amount that the plant absorbed over the course of its life. Palm kernel shells therefore burn CO2-neutrally.

The palm kernel shells are a residual product from palm kernel oil production. They are thick and woody and therefore an outstanding and valuable fuel. Industrial operations, heat and biomass power plants as well as wood-fired power plants are potential users of this fuel.